Jamaican Black Mint

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  • Jamaican Black Mint
  • Jamaican Black Mint

Jamaican black mint is most commonly used as a hot beverage served mainly at breakfast time.

* Relieves Pain

* Soothes the nerves and ease nausea

* Improves Memory

* Boosts Immunity

* Clears the sinuses and relieves

* Treats upset stomach, indigestion, coughs and motion sickness

* Alleviates tension, headaches and stomach cramps

* May be useful for persons wishing to lose some extra pounds

* Helps with indigestion and bloating

* Boosts energy levels

How to make Jamaican black mint tea:

Break up small pieces of the mint and place in a cup

Add boiling water into the cup and cover

Steep 3-5 minutes

Strain and sweeten to your likeness

Enjoy hot or cold